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Last updated 4/17/2014
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Annual Membership Meeting held on February 4, 2013
Note: Official meeting minutes of 2013 are not available until they are approved at the next annual meeting in 2014.

Following are unofficial notes from the meeting and should not be considered as having been approved by the Board or any member of the Board of Directors of Fairways II at Marco Shores Association.

Fairways II Board of Directors for 2013:
Tracie Dorr, Corrine Hurley, Ed Kane, Verneal Korn, Pat Sulima
Note: 59 ballots were submitted from 80 owners.

The meeting room was packed and although 2012 Board Member, Rusty Rusniak, was unable to attend the meeting, he was praised by everyone in the room for his many years of tirelessly serving the community.

New Procedure Introduced:
At the beginning of the meeting a new procedure was introduced to let the membership submit, in writing, topics they wanted to address during the New Business section of the meeting.

Treasures Report - V. Korn

Presidents Report - P. Sulima

New Business from the Membership:

1. Requests for:

2. Questions asked by members:

How do we contact the Pool Commons Association B.O.D. to make suggestions?
Answer: Submit it in writing (it was not stated specifically to whom)

What is the dollar ceiling for spending before purchases and contracts must be bid?
Answer: There is none.

Is there any way to improve cable reception or an alternative to Comcast?
Answer: No

When will the painters be finished with their cleanup?
Answer: B.O.D. needs a list of problems to be checked. Volunteers from each building will be asked to assess needs.

After the meeting was adjourned the B.O.D. met to assign duties to each Director as follows:
• $259,000+ in Reserves
• There is only one delinquent member in arrears for $2,100+, Penalties of 18% annually will be levied.
• Members voted unanimously to approve a roll-over of $18,00+ to 2013 budget
• There is a reduction of approximately $15,000 in the flood insurance premium
• The Board of Directors (B.O.D.) continues to pressure Sherwin Williams painters to clean up mess caused by their carelessness.
• A new landscaper was hired - Benefits to homeowners should be one day less of noise, as we are coordinated with Mainsail Properties: our work and theirs will be done on Wednesdays.
• The new landscaper has ideas for improvements to our green spaces and shrubbery
• Homeowners were reminded that they cannot trim or clean up neglected golf course property even though the current condition of the over growth negatively impacts property values.
• Residents may not use the Mainsail tennis courts or pools unless we are invited by a resident of those communities. There is an agreement among the associations that their pools and ours can be used as a backup if either is unavailable due to maintenance.
• Restoration work is planned for sidewalks, stairs and rain gutters.
• Sidewalk ramping to eliminate steps to one unit
• A BBQ Area - It was noted that the Fairways Commons Rules states: "No barbecuing or outdoor cooking of any type shall be permitted on corporation property, unless the corporation designates a place, and such activity may be undertaken only in conformity with the rules established for the use of such facilities." Fairways Commons - Rules Exhibit E-4
• Concrete pavers at the back entrance of a unit
President - Pat Sulima
Vice President - Ed Kane
Secretary - Tracie Dorr
Treasurer - Verneal Korn
Director at Large - Corrine Hurley
Fairways II at Marco Shores Association
Board of Directors Meeting
April 5, 2013


The board and interested homeowners listened to *Tim Dwyer, of *Collier County Custom Concrete , present a proposal restore the stairs. Remediation will include the repair chips, cracks and ponding issues.

Stairs will be resurfaced to match current texture. Paint color will be determined after testing a variety of colors.

The project will start in May and take approximately three weeks. $24,000 will be taken from reserves to cover the cost.
These are not official meeting minutes. The following are notes taken by a meeting observer. Official minutes are available, upon request, from the association after they are finalized and approved by the Board of Directors.
* Correction - the name of the contractor and company are now correct.
At Fairways II, there are two(2) seats up for election this year.
The candidates getting the most votes and next most votes will each be appointed to a seat. After the election, the Board establishes who will hold offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary for 2014.

If you have a favorite candidate you should vote ONLY for that person and not vote for anyone else. Voting for two candidates can reduce your favorite candidates' chance of winning because you are adding a vote to the less favorable candidate's count.
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