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  • Curb Appeal by plan and a Sense of Community
  • The main entrance was designed by professionals
  • The bench and walkway welcome visitors and owners alike
  • The rest was designed by the Owner's Garden Club
  • Selecting full foliage shrubs was important
  • Free land and lake were converted into community assets
  • Mixing color, texture and height produces a layered look.
  • A curved bed and flowering tree draws your eye away form a utility slab
  • Selections of droubt tollerant plants along Mainsail.
  • Simple, yet complex looking design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quality, quanity and simplicity
  • Great job Tropic Schooner!
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Tropic Schooner
Last updated 5/17/2014
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Congratulations to our neighbors at Tropic Schooner for their attention to curb appeal. Their association and manager worked together to establish a multi-year plan to design and implement landscaping improvements to replace the aged vegetation that surrounded their properties.

The board of directors called for residents to establish a gardening committee that worked together with the property manager and a professional landscaper to plan and install arrangements of plantings over a number of years.

When WCI offered free land (to rid themselves of small parcels to maintain) Tropic Schooner leaders welcomed the opportunity. This windfall encouraged their plans and they utilized the parcels to add recreational features. They were even given a lake in which they installed a beautiful fountain.

The results are very impressive and by maintaining a high standard of curb appeal and obvious display of community friendly atmosphere their properties maintain a very completive edge in the real estate market.
Curb appeal is attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property. The term is used as an indicator of the initial appeal of a property to prospective buyers.
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Responding to owners who wanted a BBQ Grill, leaders at Tropic Schooner designated a place where grilling can be done. They established rules (note the "Use Rules" sign behind the grill) and fulfilled a request made by the people they serve.
Nice Job Tropic Schooner!
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