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Snow Bird Checklist
Last updated 4/17/2014
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o Unplug (TVs, Lights, Sound Equip., Microwave, PC, etc.)
o Replace Furnace Filter
o Set timers
o Check Doors (Lock) - Unlock Front Screen
o Pet Door Closed / Locked
o Shut down Dehumidifier (if not drained)
o Put new bulbs in Post Lantern
o Turn off Ice Makers
o Shut off Hoses at Washer
o Check for Maps needed for the trip
o Unplug Freezer & Refrigerator (s)
o Clean Out - Freezer, Pantry, Toaster Crumb Trays
o Set Thermostat to 55/60
o Set up Vacation Plans for:
- Cable
- Mail
- Garbage
- Newspaper

o Vehicles Staying Home:
- Inspection (if period ends while away)
- Oil Change
- Wash
- Fill tank (Add fuel treatment)
- Over Inflate Truck Tires
- Unplug phone
- Open Window (if in garage)
- Mothballs (prevents mice nesting in equip.)
o Set Up Snow Blower (if it is to be used)
o Set Snow Plow Reflectors along driveway
o Remove stuff that might blow off porch
o Take in Flag
o Gates Locked
o Remove outside hoses
o Cover outside faucets (Insulate / shut off)
o Prep Lawn Sprinklers & Water Features

o Pack Tax Info (depending on length of stay)
o Pack Reservations materials
o Call Comcast to initiate service

Snow-Bird pre-trip Checklist
It's almost time to plan for
Here's a checklist that imght help prevent the "Did I leave the water running" fears when you are an hour away from home.
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