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Choosing Board Members
Last updated 05/17/2014
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Choosing Board Members

An effective board of directors requires a team of effective board members.

When selecting individuals for the board of directors for your Association, look for people with the following qualities:

Integrity. Board members must be committed to an "above-board" organization that complies with all laws
on all governmental levels and the association’s documents.
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Dedication. Board members must attend Board meetings and other Association events faithfully. They need to communicate with staff members and residents, and sound out problems that need fixing or issues that must be addressed.

Commitment. Board members demonstrate their commitment by both setting the example for rules compliance and payment of assessments.
Preparation. Board members must do their homework. They have to come to meetings informed and ready to discuss concerns, questions about Association issues.

Enthusiasm. Board members must be eager to learn, willing to be team players, and energetic in their service.
Scrutiny. Board members review their records regularly and in detail.

Knowledge. Board members know the association’s mission and purpose and its limits.

Diplomacy. Board members are the “face of the community” and must be willing to work appropriately with the community it serves.

Diversity. An effective Board includes and involves members from various fields of expertise, preferably with experience working in organizations, to ensure that the board is well balanced in its strengths.

Accountability. Board members may have a unique functions on the Board – such as committee chairmanship or a special project, such as covenant enforcement. Board members should be accountable for diligent pursuit for these special functions.

Understanding. Boardmember must understand how to function withstaff and volunteers. Board members acknowledge the value of the Association’s staff and the need for committed, consistent volunteers.

Consider the tasks that face the board as a group and what will make the board most capable to fulfill its leadership responsibilities in ways that will benefit the entire community. The Board must be able to work together as a group to fulfill its mission while representing the diverse interests of the community. Determine the qualities and skills you want this group to have. Then take a look at the qualities and skills which are lacking on the board and target your recruitment to fill these gaps.

Candidates will have different qualities that identify them as potentially excellent members of the Board. The Board as a group has a leadership role--the individual Board members must provide the pieces that fit together to form an effective team, but no individual Board member is required to have every skill or leadership quality.

We hope you will be able to use this list of qualities to identify some good candidates for your board and that you will achieve the goal of having a strong and effective board of directors.

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