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This site is an effort to promote a sense of community within and among the associations that are found near Mainsail Drive in Naples, Florida.
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Ways to Spot Ineffective Leadership
This site has been donated to this group and is maintained by a former Fairways II resident, Mike Bielkiewicz
Use the information within these three links to get involved, select better association leaders, or to become a better community leader yourself.
Should you publish an e-Newsletter to members of your association? Don't decide until you consider these facts:
In one year an organization sent 19 messages
to its 400+ e-newsletter subscribers.
At todays rates for color copies, envelopes and postage
that years snail mail cost would have been:
$ 8,438.66
They spent
Even the e-newsletter service is FREE

Monthly, send 100 full color 2 sided newsletters.

Using the US Post Office (aka - Snail-Mail) to deliver them your expense estimates would be:

Postage @ .49 ----- $
Printing @ .50 ea -- $ 50.00
Envelopes @ .10 --- $ 10.00

Totaling --------------- $ 109.00
Times 12 Months ---

This does not include paid staff time to fold and stuff envelopes!
Do you have almost $1,300 to spend when you don't have to? Do you have volunteers to save stuffing costs?
NOTICE: This site is closing SOON. If your association would like it, contact us.
Publishing it is less than $100 per year.

e-Mailing HOA members is free
but our list is not available.